Technical Information

Technical Information
Foreseeability to Prepare Ahead
“Are we okay as is?” “Will our technique work in the future, too?” … with a skepticism against the status quo in mind, Aoki Seisakusyo sustains R&D preparing for the future.
Such outstanding foreseeability drives from our unique background.
Technological inheritance and revolution are one of them.
While brushing up our high-quality processing technology which has been inherited since our foundation, we always remember to develop new techniques, too.
Also, the stance of “never reject customer’s request” which was born in our critical status lays the foundations for future development.
Without clearing a basic business challenge of “addressing our customer needs”, there is no future for us.
In this respect, sustaining speed is also our theme.
Many of our business demands involves a quick delivery now, so preparing for the future with even more accelerated delivery is inevitable.
1. Multiplication of the technological inheritance and revolution
2. The belief of accepting any work
3. Challenge for speeding up
The craftsmanship that can tell the difference between
“two-thousandth” and “five-thousandth”
At our parts processing worksite, we went ahead and have incorporated the cutting-edge machines and programs for getting our work done in an precise and prompt manner. However, “human technique” is also inevitable to instantly judge a situation where diverse conditions are mixed up and manage the work. In other words, the synergy of three elements “hardware x software x human” is generated on site, and the technique of Aoki Seisakusyo won’t come into effect if any one of them is mission.

“Our employees’ skill” which comprises as the core part of these three, is developed within our own original technology that has been inherited since establishment. Provided, however, our technique is still far from that of our chairman who founded our company. By touching with his fingertip, the chairman can figure out the difference between “two-thousandth” and “five-thousandth” … To us this is nothing but a superhuman feat, but we feel responsible for the future of Aoki Seisakusyo without practicing to reach that territory.

List of Machineries

Let us introduce the facilities introduced at our headquarters, Takada Factory and THAI AOKI.