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We want to help customers for no matter what.
The maintenance business which realizes the motto of Aoki Seisakusyo.

When a customer is in trouble, we want to help no matter what it takes.
“The maintenance business” what we work on by realizing such thought.
This business includes “Emergency Maintenance” to repair at the customer’s site, and “Regular Maintenance” for visiting our customer regularly and inspect/repair machines for sure.
Either way, it is the unique service of Aoki Seisakusyo which thoroughly prioritizes the customer comes first policy.

Technic × Speed × Passion = The power of AOKI

It is to provide part repair work at a customer site directly, so-called a help delivery service by a craftsman.
Our dedicated staffs are on call with a variety of repair tools, and upon customer’s emergency call they will visit the site at fast speed and get the repair work started.

The repair can be complete on site but depends on the situation we bring it back to our own factory and newly create the same part at times.
Such support is made possible because of the skilled staffs to process any parts with the facility environment available 24×7.
As we have caught a request to “fix as fast and carefully as possible at any rate”, we work on repairing precisely to delivery the service to our customers as fast as possible without rejection.

1. Speedy handling as the top priority
2. The stance to “never reject any job request we receive”
3. Technical Capability to Produce Part Scratch

Tale to “NEXT AOKI”

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