Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. User Information to Be Collected and Collection Method

In this policy, “Personal Information” shall mean the information pertaining to an individual, and a certain individual can be identified with his/her name, date of birth, and other description contained in the said information (which may be verified easily with other information and a certain individual can be verified by doing so).
“User Information” shall mean information pertaining to identifying partner companies and an individual customer (hereinafter referred to as “customer”) including personal information, and information generated or accumulated in relation to a user at a PC terminals or user’s terminal, which the Company collects based on this policy.
User information the Company collects upon performing its business are classified as follows depending on its collection method:

(1) Information provided by a customer
– Address
– Name
– Phone No.
– Email address
– Information provided by a customer to other entry forms stipulated by the Company

(2) In the event where a customer approves to cooperate with external services such as SNS, etc. upon customer’s using the Company’s service with information provided through services other than this one by approving the cooperation with other services under the usage of the Company’s service, the following information is collected from the said external services based on the content agreed at the time of such approval:
– ID used by a customer for external services other than this
– Other information a client approves to disclose to a cooperating company under the privacy setting of this external services

(3) Information the Company collects upon customer’s usage of the service
The Company may collect information related to the access status to and usage method of our services. This includes the following information:
– Terminal Information
– Log information
– cookie and anonymous ID

2. Purpose of Use

User information may be used for the Company’s service provision as per stipulated in 2-2 and for other purposes stipulated in 2-3 as well.
In order to avoid usage other than its purpose, the internal regulation regarding the handling of user information shall be formulated and disseminated to all officers, employees and contract employees (hereinafter referred to as “Employees”) to perform the operation in accordance to it.

The concrete usage purposes of user information pertaining to the provision of the Company’s service are as follows:

(1) Registration reception regarding the Company’s services, user identification, provision, maintenance and protection of the service such as calculation of the usage fees;
(2) Providing guidance regarding the Company’s services and support for inquires;
(3) Taking action to behaviors violating the terms and policies (hereinafter referred to as “terms”) pertaining to the Company’s services;
(4) Notifying changes made to the terms of the Company’s services;
(5) For the usage purposes attached to the purposes of use listed above.

The purposes of use other than stipulated in the preceding paragraph 2-2 are as follows:

(1) Creating statistical data pertaining to the Company’s services by processing it into a format which is unable to identify an individual:
– Terminal Information
– Log information
– cookie and anonymous ID

(2) Distribution and display of advertisements of the Company or a third party:
– Terminal Information
– Log information
– cookie and anonymous ID

(3) Other marketing purposes
– Name
– Email address
– Date of Birth
– Information provided by a customer to other entry forms stipulated by the Company

3. Request Method for Usage Termination

The customer may request for the usage of his/her user information in all or in part by the Company’s provided settings or an inquiry, and the Company in such case shall follow its regulation and terminate the use immediately.

4. Provision to Third Parties

Regarding the personal information within a user information, the Company shall not provide it to a third party without the customer’s written agreement for cases other than approved by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws for its disclosure. However, this shall not apply to the following:

(1) In the case of commissioning the handling of personal information stipulated in 1, a consignee which fully meets the personal information protection standards is selected to conclude the consignment agreement regarding the personal information protection, and we shall thoroughly manage/supervise the consignee.
(2) If the personal information handling is commissioned in part or in whole within a required range of attaining our usage purpose;
(3) In an event the personal information is provided along with the business succession due to a merger or other reasons;
(4) In the case where the government organization, local public body or their consignee are required to cooperate to perform the work stipulated under the laws and ordinances and obtaining a customer agreement may interfere the performance of such work;
(5) Cases approved by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and ordinances.

5. Personal Information Disclosure
Upon customer’s request for the personal information disclosure based on the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the Company shall disclose such information after confirmed the request was made by the customer him/herself. (If the said personal information does not exist, such status is notified)
However, this shall not apply to cases where the Company is liable for disclosure due to the privacy policy law and other laws and ordinances.

6. Modification of Personal Information, Suspension of Use, etc.
If the Company is requested by a customer to:
(1) modify a content based on the personal information protection-based law on the ground where the personal information was falsified; or
(2) terminate the use based on the provisions stipulated in the Privacy Policy on the grounds of the said information has been dealt beyond the range of the usage purpose disclosed prior to event; or the said information was collected in false or illegal manners, the Company shall perform necessary investigations without delay by confirming the claim was received from the customer him/herself, modify the content of the personal information or terminate its use based on the result, the customer shall be notified so.
In an event where a decision was made to not modify or terminate such use based on the ground of a reasonable reason, the customer shall be notified so.

Upon customer’s request for deleting his/her personal information and should the Company judges finds it necessary to accept the said request, the Company shall delete such information after confirmed the request was made by the customer him/herself, and the customer shall be notified so.

The provisions prescribed in the two preceding paragraphs shall not apply in the case if the Company is not liable for modification or usage termination due to the personal information law and other laws and ordinances.