Thorough “Customer First Policy”

We provide support for no matter what it takes.
That’s Aoki Seisakusyo’s answer to customer’s “problem”. We can handle both the emergency maintenance in case of sudden need and regular inspection to delivery “peace of mind and safety”.

Emergency Maintenance

Fast and precise. This is the moment when Aoki Seisakusyo is tested.

The maintenance to accommodate our client’s sudden needs is the very scene where Aoki Seisakusyo proves its worth.
As we have caught a request to “fix as fast and precise as possible at any rate”, there is no reason for us to turn it down.
First, we identify the defected area and symptoms appropriately through hearing, then we rush to the scene by strictly selecting the tools required for repairing.
We will try our best to repair, but depends on the situation, there are cases when we newly create the same part at our available 24×7.

1. Speedy handling as the top priority
2. The stance to “never reject any job request we receive”
3. Technical Capability for Part Production from Scratch
Emergency Maintenance Flow
1. Maintenance Request
Please contact us.
Let us know the model name of the machine to repair, symptom, the charging personnel’s name, etc.
2. Repair Equipment Preparation/ Field Service
Based on the customer’s claim detail, we promptly prepare required equipment for repair and come to the site.
3. Repair Work At the work site, we confirm the defected part and get the repair work started.
Depends on the situation, there are cases when we newly create the same part at our available 24×7.
4. Repair Completion
After repai, we will inform the point of relapse prevention.
Content of Maintenance

We accept urgent repair request for resolving troubles such as damage and malfunction of metal products, jig tools, automated equipment for mechanical repairing, etc.

Contact us in case of an emergency maintenance at…
Please describe the following prior to event:
・Model name
・Month and year of introduction
・Environmental condition for use
・Symptoms of defect
・Data and matarials indicating the defect
・Contact person’s name/ information

Regular Maintenance

We deliver assurance and safety along with your desired cycle.

Here at Aoki Seisakusyoo, the machine maintenance plan is proposed as soon as we receive a customer’s request.
And based on the plan, we visit our customer regularly and inspect/repair machines for sure. In the maintenance work promoted by Aoki Seisakusyo, we basically propose to “extend the machine life”.
This is because when it comes to the total cost, there are many cases where it has a merit comparing to replacing with new machine. Also, as for the company where an artisan spirit is originated, I want to cherish the imagination of “creating a part that does not exist”.

Inquiry Regarding the Regular Maintenance
Voice of Customers
Prompt Visit for Short Notice and Efficient Repair.
”The Professional Work” it was indeed.
The person in charge, Company A

Aoki Seisakusyo duly processes its products, so their repair frequency is not so high. We, however, had once requested for an emergency maintenance in the past. Our schedule was fully booked from the start of the day, we had tons of business matters we had to take care of. We had to request for the repair under such circumstances, we were going to push out our schedule for much later. As we requested Aoki Seisakusyo for a maintenance, however, in addition to its pleasant acceptance they were able to complete the repair on the following day thanks to its 24 x 7 service structure. It was nothing but “the professional work” indeed.

Its depth of support offering amazed me
with the thorough information sharing.
The person in charge, Company B

Our long business relationship with Aoki Seisakusyo started during the time of our former president. For this reason, we use their regular part maintenance for the longest time. Each time the same personnel visits us and perform a thorough inspection/repair, so it is very useful as I can discuss with lots of related matters with him. One day, the personnel were occupied with another obligation so his representative visited us. Because he does not come around on a regular basis, I thought he would leave after a casual talk, but I was able to consult with him in depth based on the previous maintenance data as he appears to have taken over our case thoroughly. The information sharing amazed me.

Voice of Employees
Anything can be repaired at fast speed.
This is the very competitive advantage of Aoki Seisakusyo.

Particularly the emergency maintenance requires to disassemble, readjust and repair the defected part on site, so careful tool inspection is inevitable every day.
Aoki Seisakusyo promotes a business under the policy of “repair any products our customer uses”. This emergency maintenance simply explains their attitude. Our major strength enables us to “create a part if not repairable”, so we never use a word “impossible’ to any situations. In addition, we have the competitive advantage to process the business 24 x 7, so I believe we can grow further as a company.