IR Information

IR Information
We will sustain the healthy financial structure with
the “technological inheritance and revolution”
By assuring to inherit the techniques that has been promoted since its foundation, Aoki Seisakusyo expanding its activities to fully focus on an innovation of the future generation.
For doing so, it is required to evolve each employee’s “skills” into the corporate “technology” and averaging their skills at a higher level.
If we could thoroughly implement this development, it will lay the foundations for our future.
We believe the brand of Aoki Seisakusyo can be established by thoroughly planning the strategy which can productize our unique capabilities such as “turning technology into AI”, etc. and executing it without fear.

Keita Aoki, Representative Director, AOKI Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

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May 1, 2018   The settlement report (22nd Period) has been released.

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