We promote “regular maintenance” and “Emergency Maintenance”.
Nowadays, we have more customers working on the pursuit of efficiency who concluded the “regular maintenance” with us which is to keep the production line going.
It leads to not only shortening the “emergency maintenance” time but also the productivity improvement.
It is because we are always fully prepared and ready to rush to our customer as soon as they contact us.
Those staffs handling the situation have been well-trained to take care of products in a wide variety of fields, so we are confident to deliver services with techniques/knowledge to meet your expectation.
In the case of part replacement, we first bring it back to our office and newly create the same part at our factory available 24×7.
Here at Aoki Seisakusyo, we have sufficient resources and facilities are situated.
This is also our corporate strength.
Without being affected by the inventory status at a part manufacturer, we are able to complete a repair in a prompt manner.
The DNA of the founder as a craftsman, who is now our chairman, has been inherited generation by generation. br> The chairman’s technique to tell the difference between “two-thousandth” and “five-thousandth” just by touching with his fingertip should keep shining through as a symbol of Aoki Seisakusyo in the future.<
If we could borrow the part, our design personnel will create a drawing and handle this matter.
Also processing to improve the current item is available, so please request us if necessary.
Generally speaking, yes, it is possible.
However, we’d suggest you contact us first as the product manufacturing may be involved with NDA.
Yes, of course.
We will send a charging personnel, so please contact us prior to event.
Yes, you are more than welcome to do so.
First of all, please contact us via phone, fax, email or inquiry form, etc.
If you could send us a drawing or data would be helpful.
Normally if a quote was requested in the morning, we will reply in the afternoon on the same date, and our reply will be made within the same date or by the following morning for a quote request received in the afternoon.
We accept any business matters anywhere in the country so long as the work can be progressed via telephone, fax, email, etc.
We support either plate processing, round processing and sheet metal processing. Upon request, delivery is available after assembly.
We deal with a wide variety of materials from soft to hard including aluminum, brass, steel / hardened steel, ceramic, etc.
We deal with a small lot production of many products, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all.
Our customers belong to an extremely broad range of industries such as automobile, beverages, medicine, canning, etc.
Of course, we can.
We can provide an optimal proposal with injection, press, die casting, semiconductor and so on along with the customer’s preferred precision, price, and delivery.
Mainly we are available to provide milling, machining, turning process, grinding and polishing.
Quick delivery is available for ultra-precision processing of complex shapes.
We accept orders with a small lot and a single item processing, too.
The available precision processing is up to 0.02±mm.
Feel free to contact us as we can customize along with your preference.
Of course, it is.
We prepare the optimal materials along with the customers preferred cost and the purpose of use to process and deliver.
Feel free to consult with us, of course!
We will hold a meeting with a customer to both parties’ heart’s content prior to submitting a quote.
In order to prevent processing errors in each process, we clearly confirm the work content with our craftsmen all the time.
The inspection measurement tools (hall light and endo scope) are used to find chips loading and scratches easily.
An appropriate packaging is performed for each product.
Delivery with shock absorber is available, so please contact us.
We comply with ISO standard at all times.
In order to sustain the best possible quality, monthly maintenance is performed for processing machines.
As for the regular maintenance, please inform the list of challenges in order for us to provide our maintenance plan.
By exploiting our rich experiences, we reduce cost successfully.
Processing parts under overseas specification are also available.
Feel free to contact us so that we can propose materials and processing that meet your specification and cost.
Drawings and data are strictly stored.
Please rest assured that there is no concern about your information leakage.
No problem.
Metal processing is also available with a material you provide.
It depends on the material but please consult with us in advance.
Yes, we accept mass parts production.
Please contact us for more details as it depends on a product.
We accommodate a wide variety of requests from a part processing, a whole unit production, to a final product assembly.
Of course, we do.
We strive to deliver along with customer’s schedule.
However, please be aware that it depends on.
Our sales rep will fully explain about the conditions of the business transaction.
Feel free to contact us.
Yes, we can.
Concluding the contract is important of course, but we are able to perform an integrated production system.
We believe you can hold a business transaction with us with a peace of mind because the risk of information leakage is low.
It will be determined during the discussion with a customer.
Our delivery management is performed twice a day, which is thoroughly coordinated internally.
Feel free to consult with us. It depends on the internal status, but we can accommodate a quick delivery/urgent production.