About Us

Our Unique World Discovered through
“Thinking Outside the Box”
Artisan Spirit and Flexibility.
By adding value to the bilateral character, the trust has been accumulated.
visual Keita Aoki, Representative Director,
AOKI Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.
AOKI Seisakusyo, started by my father who is now a chairman, used to be a company focusing on the machine repair/maintenance/overhaul for auto manufacturers. Around the time when successfully started parts processing as our new business, the economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008 has put a negative impact on us, too. It was the moment I bitterly faced “the sales vulnerability” of Aoki Seisakusyo, so I established to invigorate “customer communication” as a significant task. Then I have ordered the entire organization to venture the stance to “never reject any job request we receive”.
Nevertheless, our attitude to “address any unreasonable demand” has caused a major burden to the employees and our operation has started falling apart gradually. So, what we focused on as an area of improvement is the relationship with our affiliates. By setting “Securing our technical strength and promptness” as the first goal, we have outsourced business matters with a certain volume at lower difficulty level to our affiliates to secure our promptness. On the contrary, our technical strengths have been accumulated by dealing with a very few business matters with higher level of difficulty. Although our gross profit declined and it led to the revenue instability, we were able to build “customer’s trust” more than anything else. Indeed, we practiced to “earn credit but not money”. We did provide a thorough technical support to our affiliates, of course. So, in addition to the increase of business volume, our healthy relationship with them are still continuing today. From now own, we have to grow as a company to steadily “Turning Imagination into Shape” as our business philosophy.” Artisan Spirit” to pursue our business formality, and “Flexibility” for a precise decision-making along with the environment we are in. By adding an imagination to go against common sense to the ability to blend these two together, we continue accumulating trust from our customers and affiliates to build its own brand only Aoki Seisakusyo could realize.
Internal worksite and affiliates.
Refined the environment to enable the growth of both parties.
The technology of Aoki Seisakusyo has been brushed up at the internal worksite managed by our president as well as at the affiliate that I manage the progress with.
Currently we have received so many quick delivery deals from our customers one after another, but we ask not only the internal worksite but also our affiliates to respond to such needs smoothly.
I believe this is as a result of providing equipment and our own technology to our affiliates without stint.
This is how our sense of “Thinking Outside the Box” was originated and the “system for technological information to grow together” has been established. Currently, the majority of our affiliates are local companies with a long business relationship, but we are intending to incorporate offshoring along with the expansion of our business and its marketing area.
visual Daisuke Shimada, Senior Managing Director,
AOKI Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.


Aoki Seisakusyo considers the bond with external companies as extremely important.
They are positioned not as “commissioned” but as “cooperating partners”.
For this reason, we disclose all the technical data we own with them to grow and succeed together.
There are about 50 affiliates (as of March 2018).
We try to make it work as efficient as possible by asking them to work on orders with high-volume lots, technically easy to handle and complete, etc.

Mar 1990:
Nobukazu Aoki, the current chairman, became an independent business owner from an office worker
and stablished Aoki Kogyo.
Jan 1993:
Built and launched a factory in Takada, Mooka-shi (former Ninomiya-machi)
Dec 1995:
Incorporated to establish AOKI Seisakusyo, LLM.
Jul 1999:
Changed the organizational structure and the company became Aoki Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.
Dec 2006:
Acquired an account from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Aug 2008:
Relocated the headquarters to Kinugaoka, Moka-shi
Mar 2010:
Acquired an account from Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sept 2012:
Keita Aoki has inducted as the representative director
Nov 2013:
Established THAI AOKI
Jan 2014:
Launched THAI AOKI
Sept 2015:
Launched Yamanashi Factory
Nov 2015:
Launched Nishinuma Factory
Jul 2019:
Established AOKI-SHINTECH (Vietnam)


AOKI Seisakusyo Co., Ltd., Headquarters
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E-mail: info@aoki-seisakusyo.co.jp
AOKI Seisakusyo Co., Ltd., Takada Factory
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E-mail: gyoumu@aoki-seisakusyo.co.jp
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Tel: 038-476-014
Fax: 038-476-017
E-mail: info@thai-aoki.com
Đại lộ Võ Văn Kiệt, Xã Nam Hồng, Đông Anh, Hà Nội, Việt Nam.
Tel: +84-2-433-844-999
E-mail: info@shintech.com.vn
Nishinuma Factory
875-2 Nishinuma, Moka-shi, Tochigi 321-4324
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Yamanashi Factory
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